Re: hiring servants
From: Hollie Butler (
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 17:48:47 -0700 (MST)
Hiring someone to do a job does not, in and of itself, mean *any* of these
things. Hiring someone for a job is simply that - hiring them for a job. All
the other emotional and political baggage you're adding on here is being
added by you, and it doesn't have to be. None of these sentiments is
inherent in doing a job. In my opinion, this list offends both the person
who is hiring and the person doing the work.


Trillium Hollow Cohousing
Portland, Oregon
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>From: "S" <scowley [at]>
>To: Multiple recipients of list <cohousing-l [at]>
>Subject: Re: hiring servants
>Date: Mon, Jan 3, 2000, 3:42 PM

> Thanks, once again, David.
>  The rationale is always..."'we need time, 'they' need money.
>  What's wrong with that ?"
> I see that the injustice comes in the forms...
> - "your history is the same as mine."
> - "your choices are the same as mine."
> - "your work is not as important as mine."
> - the (in)dignity of the work itself.
> - "your playtime is not as important as mine."
>  I think the whole idea of servants needs a discussion, and we ought to
> have a clear argument to present against it.
> If we are going to have the truely democratic, diverse, and progressive
> place we keep
> talking of in cohousing, we need to be clear on this point.  Otherwise....
> here comes that "Hippie Country Club"....again.

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