Re: hiring servants
From: S (
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 11:47:33 -0700 (MST)
Couldn't agree more with most of you bleeding heart liberals.
Thanks in advance for thinking about this stuff.  Gotta keep it perc-ing.
Encouraging volunteerism is good. (Great!)
Taking up collections is good. (Great!)
Service to others is good. (Great!)
Let's keep transferring the wealth! (a toast to Community!)

I think that we should think again about some of the assertions some have made, 
>So why do some people see diversity in financial status as wrong?
One hypothetical at a time, please, Howard.
What a classic euphemism:  "Diversity in financial status."

>Would anyone judge hiring someone to build a bookcase in their living room as 
>a servant? Are the landscapers that do one's lawn each week servants?  If you 
>physical therapy in your home each week, is the therapist a servant? If I have 
>my nails 
>done every week, is the manicurist a servant?
        _Believe it or not_, they are.  Bet most of them don't get near as long 
a vacation as 

>It doesn't seem right to judge what a person decides to do for themselves
>or to pay others to do. 
        If no one had "judged" what others had seemingly "decided to do for 
you would probably be working at traditional "women's work"
(kids, no college, shit work) regardless of your money.

>But I'm sure some members will say--you build your community your way and
>let me build my community my way.
        Hey, don't question Reality.  After all, they can afford what they have.

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