Re: Hiring Servants
From: Hollie Butler (
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 14:13:43 -0700 (MST)
Sorry about that last message, it got sent MIME after I automatically 
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>From: "S" <scowley [at]>

> One hypothetical at a time, please, Howard.
> What a classic euphemism:  "Diversity in financial status."

    Oh, I get it now. So you're one of those people who believes all money
in the world should be equally distributed, regardless of job or occupation
or local economy, etc. If you make less money than me than you're oppressed,

[the following is in reference to a list of occupations for which another
member of the list asks, "are these servants"?]
>  _Believe it or not_, they are.  Bet most of them don't get near as long a
> vacation as you.

    So the definition of servant is how little vacation time someone gets? I
think you need to be a little clearer on your definition of "servant".
Please define specifically what that means to you. Someone who makes minimum
wage? Someone who is in a job you wouldn't want to do personally? Someone
who doesn't like their job?

>  Hey, don't question Reality.  After all, they can afford what they have.

    We're not questioning reality, we're questioning you. I do believe
there's a difference.


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