Attachments - just say no!
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 10:26:48 -0700 (MST)
"Victoria" <victoria [at]> wrote on 1/4/00 8:51 AM:

>I am resending the attachment I mentioned in my last post.  It is a copy =
>of our work fairshare plan.  This time it should be more than =
>gobbledygook, I hope.

Please don't post attachments of any kind to the list. If you want to 
transmit text, paste it into a message. If you want to post a file, stick 
it on a website or e-mail it to a webmaster who would 
be happy to put it where everybody can get to it.

Raines (not the listmom but one who is finding it hard to read the digest 
with all this encoded stuff)

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