Through the looking glasses?
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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 22:36:06 -0700 (MST)
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<< hey!  I would love to hear some 'living in community' stories from you
all, even those who aren't in your houses yet.  Moments of magic, feuds
fueled, crisis resolved - anything real.  Maybe I blinked, but I don't
even recall anything on the list over the holiday period. >>

OK, I'll try one - I've enjoyed Patty's so much.

I've been here at Two Acre Wood for 6 months now - hard to believe!  I was 
one of the earlier families, but we were all in by early Sept.  The one thing 
that is most clear is most things are not as we expected.  I mean not 
*really* different, but I realized you can't fully anticipate what it will be 
like to move in with all these people until it really happens.

One story - New Year's Eve - and the millenium!  What a great opportunity to 
stay home and still have a party!  No driving, etc.  So no one here was into 
doing much planning, but we mostly knew we'd be around.  We had a wonderful 
evening that just happened pretty organically.  One home was set up as media 
central so we could drop in and see midnight come in around the world.
someone else got a pinata that the little kids could pound like heck - it was 
so funny to watch.  There were games at one table.  Then a neighbor (not 
coho) came to tell us her sister and husband had brought their Taiko drums 
over and did we want to try them.  THAT was the highlight of the night in my 
book.  Most of our community trouped over and pounded on those drums to our 
hearts content - what a rush.  Many of us will be signing up for classes soon.
Back to the Common  HOuse for skits created on the spot by teams.  Then 
dancing, food and Midnight!  Champagne confetti and after all that.... 
outside to some wonderful fireworks that one of the members had bought.  It 
just went on and on for hours with surprises.  Those of us that are hard core 
ended up and one man's home for more champagne, chocolate cake, and 
conversation til 3 in the morning.  And the best part-  just a few steps walk 
home and to bed.

When I dragged myself out at 11:00 a.m., the common House was completely 
cleaned up and there was a marvelous brunch on the table of the Common House 
- cooked mostly by one of our "nonresident members" who arrived early to get 
it going.
The rest of the day  - New Year's Day 2000 - was spent planting peach trees, 
kiwis, lemon trees and more - basic landscaping and clean-up - a great way to 
start the millenium.

Tonight, right after a delicious Common meal of fresh tuna from the coast, we 
all trouped out to watch the eclipse in one of our neighbor's telescope that 
he had all set  up.  the little kids rode their trykes around in circles in 
the plaza as we all watched the moon go into hiding.

so, there's a taste - I will tell more.  Perhaps the Russian theme dinner we 
had here last weekend - complete with herring and vodka!  Maybe someone else 
here at TAW wants to tell one?

Marty Roberts
TAW - Sebastopol
P.S.  I got to visit Scott and friends at Wasatch commons in SLC, Utah over 
Christmas - that was a treat - Hi Scott!!

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