design review
From: Witten & Fitch (
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 08:05:19 -0600 (MDT)
Our community has a design review process that may need another round of
community review - I'm not sure it is working to everyone's satisfaction.
It doesn't seem to be respected, or at least understood.  It may include
items that some folks just don't want regulated, etc., etc.

So, if your community has a design review type policy, I would love to here
your answers to the following questions.

Thank you,
Laura Fitch, defacto chair of design review committee @ Pioneer Valley

Does your community have policies regarding changes to the exterior of

Do these policies include "superficial" items (such as windows, doors,
design details, etc.) or just "additions" (porches, additions, walkways,
fences, etc)?

Can you briefly describe the policy, or attach a copy of it?

How is the policy working?  Is it respected, ignored, reluctantly obeyed,
forgotten, actively resisted/

Does the policy have support of everyone?  Most everyone?

How did the policy get passed?  Was it submitted to a community wide meeting
by a committee?  If so, do you think everyone really had a clear
understanding of the implications?

Have you had to revise it over time, to reflect a better understanding of
the implications?

Do you rely on folks remembering to check it out before making a change; or
do you regularly have to remind folks that it exists?

Are there posting periods for decisions (i.e. two weeks in which a community
member can voice a concern)?

What items have you included for review, and what items is your group
willing to just let happen organically without any review?

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