Re: Cohousing/Guest Ranch
From: Robyn Williams (
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 19:39:11 -0600 (MDT)
Howdy y'all (getting into cowboy parlance)

I'm with Rob on this.

When we don't see the forest for the trees we can get lost and easily slip
into creating more pigeonholes and paradigms with hard edges - welcome to my
nightmare.  Cohousing is primarily, IMO, a framework that supports a
lifestyle which will be the sum or the vision of a group of individuals and
their dreams.  Because of our desire for structure and order (does the word
FEAR ring a bell), there's a tendency to become rigid and prescribed -
listen to how often and where the word SHOULD is used - brrrr.  I'm not
talking anarchy, but seeking a balance of chaos and order, embracing the
whole, yin/yang, self-organising systems, whatever you want to call it.  I
am convinced that a clear purpose and agreed values, served by sound
principles and guidelines which allow for responsible flexibility and
creativity, enable individuals and communities the opportunity to become
whatever they wish.  As a parent I aim to create a safe environment within
which my growing, learning daughter has the space to take risks, miss the
mark and gradually find her own way home (her purpose).  I aim to shepherd
her, nourish her, try not to control her.  How often does any parent have to
take a deep breath as our child explores her unchartered territories?  So
what is the intention of cohousing - if it's just about making more rules,
I'm outa here.  In my experience in community networks, most people don't
want to be told what to do no matter how often they use the word SHOULD.

Yours in a philosophical mood
Robyn Williams
Pinakarri Community
Fremantle, Western Australia

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