Revisiting Decisions
From: Gary Kent (
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 23:12:02 -0700 (MST)
Hi All:

Our group is about to purchase land, we have eleven equity members out of a
total of 25 - 27.  Our design team is hired, geotech study done and we hope
to have site plans by January.

My question is to do with the subject of revisiting decisions.  We have a
fairly formal process of ratifying decisions.  A proposal is put forward
from the relevant committee to the whole group.  It goes out on e-mail.  It
is discussed at the next business meeting.  At the following business
meeting we hope to ratify the proposal.  Decisions are made by consensus
with members standing aside if they feel they cannot support the decision
after the allotted time for discussion (first meeting for discussion - back
to the cttee if no agreement - second meeting discussion and decision).

We are now faced with a member asking to revisit a decision that was
ratified some time ago.  The issue is the guidelines for hiring group
members for contract work, in this case Landscape Architect.

What do other communities do in the case of a member wanting to revisit
decisions (particularly in the development stage when delay on decisions can
cost real money).

In our shareholders agreement we have a item dealing with voting should it
be necessary for emergency decisions (during development & construction).
For voting we need 50% plus one of the membership.  Does this seem
appropriate for revisiting decisions also?

Stacia Leech
Roberts Creek Cohousing
Just north of Vancouver on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

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