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>Also, I am still trying to track down an issue of Cohousing Journal
>(recent, I believe sometime in 2000) that has a similar listing of lot
>sizes, etc. for communities. If someone knows the specific reference can
>they send it to me?


I saw your query several weeks back about this, and I said out loud--but 
didn't have to a chance to write--all that info and much more is available 
on fifty (out of the 52 then-built cohousing communities )in what we in the 
Cohousing Network are referring to as the Directory issue of the Journal. 
You won't find a single page number here because this directory has at 
least a half page on each community and goes from page 20 to page 59 in 
Volume 13, #1, Summer 2000.  You can order single copies via the Network's 
web site at, and had you been a member last year, you 
would have had it on your desk all along. As long as a student you can join 
the Network for a mere $35.

I hope that others who read this will consider both ordering a copy of this 
wonderful directory and joining the Network as an individual or as a group 
in any stage of development or a completed community.

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