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Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 06:37:12 -0600 (MDT)
> Ann Zabaldo wrote:
>> Plus the architect-- whose first name is Matt --  who did a masterful job on
>> the Harmony Village CH in Golden CO.  His name escapes me but he would be
>> easy to find.

Cheryl A. Charis-Graves wrote:
> Matt Worswick
> mworswick [at]
> 303.278.1880

I'll put in a plug for Matt.  He did a great job with the design of our
homes and common house.  IMHO, we've got the nicest common house I've seen
-- plenty of space, great acoustics, good floor plan, attractive inside and
out.  Am I biased or what?

Ours is about 4000 sf of finished space and another 1000+ sf of covered and
uncovered terraces.  We spent about $435K.  Ironically, the delay in the
start of our CH construction turned out to be a good thing.  We had planned
to have it completed when the first homes were being completed, but instead
it started about a year late.  By that time, we knew that the overall
project was going to be pretty profitable so we splurged on the common house
(finished basement, nice flooring, extra Tectum sound proofing, big
terraces, etc.)  The common house gets well used and is loved by one and

Our common house includes:
? Entry / mail room / info center
? Dining room (great acoustics because of Tectum ceiling panels; cork floors
help too)
? Kitchen (open to dining room - nice visual connection; no sound problem)
? Hearth room (like a living room with real fireplace - great for small
meetings, conversations)
? Exercise room (formerly the romp room, but the kids prefer the rec room)
? 2 ADA bathrooms (one by guest rooms with shower)

DOWNSTAIRS (walkout)
? Laundry
? Rec Room (pool, ping pong, foosball, home theater)
? 2 Guest bedrooms (one doubles as a TV room)
? Arts & crafts room (doesn't get too well utilized yet)
? Storage room
? Mechanical room

One thing that we did that I love was to wire the whole building for sound.
It's cheap to run speaker wire during construction and then it's 'invisible'
once you're ready to use it.  We've got our sound system up and running and
it gets a lot of use.

- Mac

Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing

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