Re: guns and cigarettes
From: Kay Argyle (
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 13:44:02 -0700 (MST)
We have a half dozen residents (at least) with respiratory problems, and
others who resolutely Don't Get It when asked to make any accommodations.

Every couple of months, someone or other has made a fuss that my room-mate,
who is hypersensitive to perfumes, sits outside the room during meetings.

Several people in the community are anti-policy, in general, and prefer to
"deal with a problem when it arises," which in their view meant, if
cigarette smoke made me wheeze, I could ask somebody not to smoke when I saw
them pull out their pack.

I pushed the issue enough that the anti-policy people caved.  (This was
about a year after move-in.)  I compromised on barbecue smoke and some
designated smoking areas.

The policy is no smoking in the common house and workshop, the front common
house patio, the central path, the common patios along the central path, and
the garden.  Smoking is allowed in the parking lots, on the back common
house patio, in private residences, and on private patios and decks (this
has occasionally deprived me of the use of my own deck).  Fortunately only a
couple of people in the community smoke, and them not a lot  (or I'd be
outside the meeting room as well!).  I recently got permission to actually
post the common house, and have ordered door decals.

I don't think the subject of guns has ever come up -- not in the five years
I've belonged, and nothing in community documents from earlier.  I know that
at least one resident owns a gun.

Congratulations to Mosaic Commons for working out a pet policy.  We would
need muzzles for some of the residents to discuss it without whoever brought
it up getting mauled ;).

Wasatch Commons
Salt Lake City, Utah
argyle [at]

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