Re: San Diego/Southern California CoHousing
From: Anne Jackson (
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:10:02 -0700 (MST)
Yes, land and home prices are high in San Diego, as in most of CA. Groups
are forming througout much of Southern CA, However.  Eco-Village in L.A. has
been running for some time. Vencino in L.A. has held meetings. Other groups
are formed or forming in Ojai and Santa Barbara. Oak Creek Commons in Paso
Robles will be breaking ground early next year. Some homes are still
available, however. The site and the design are unusually beautiful, and the
prices are less than found in larger cities along the coast.  If you need
details, contact me and/or stop over in L.A. to learn more. Anne Jackson,

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> I'm guessing it could simply be a lack of information.  I don't think most
people in San Diego have heard of CoHousing.  (Maybe I can change that,
because I think I'd like to live in a CoHousing development!!)  I thought
land values were higher in the North, although I suppose it really depends
on what area one's talking about:  beachfront, downtown, rural.
> To help with my research I'm thinking about visiting one or two cohousing
developments in January/February.  If you (you meaning the entire group)
would be welcome to having me stop over for a day, I'd like to hear from
> Thanks...
> Alex
> On Tuesday, Nov 12, 2002, at 05:37AM, Casey Morrigan <cjmorr [at]>
> >Of course, for those of us who live "up here" slightly north of the
> >Gate, Tierra Nueva is almost southern California, a description to which
> >they may strenuously object (!!).  I have a guess that isn't what you
> >I haven't heard of much more southerly than that.  I know I shall be
> >corrected soon if my info isn't up to date.
> >
> >I was following the thread of "why aren't there more [cohousing
> >developments] in Southern Cal" and wanted to add an opinion to the pot.
> >wonder if it is that land values are higher in the south than in the
> >making it difficult to get hold of a chunk of undeveloped land.  So much
> >already developed.  It is true, the generalization that the North is more
> >progressive politically than the South, but on the other hand, some of
> >staunchest political progressives come from the South.  And there are
> >so many more people there (than in the north)  - there must be lots of
> >progressive folks in the south who might find cohousing amenable.  They
> >might be a smaller proportion of the So Cal population but that doesn't
> >they are fewer, or fewer than the Nor Cal.
> >
> >Casey Morrigan
> >Sebastopol, [Northern] California
> >
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> >Does anyone know of any cohousing developments/projects in Southern
> >California??
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