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Can you appeal to a state level elevator and /or access board?  If you 
can prove financial hardship (they will want to see figures) and an 
honest motivation to provide accessibility you just might win.  My 
experience in Massachusetts (which has a very strict access code) is 
that a REASONABLE request is usually granted.  There is usually a filing 
fee, a trip to the capital to make the case, and some time to process 
all this.

Jeff Zucker wrote:

>The building department here in Prescott wants us to install a commercial
>grade elevator.  We have been trying to argue for a residential grade elevator,
>mainly to save money.  The space is available either way.
>    The building department insists that, IF we install an elevator, it must be
>a commercial grade elevator.  They also say that, since we can get to the
>building (and exit) at all levels, we don't necessarily have to have one.  But
>we want one, for the above mentioned reason of being able to traverse the grade
>more easily.  The issue, at this point seems to be primarily monetary.  The
>community has demonstrated that they are willing and capable of coming up with
>additional dollars  build the common house as designed.  At this point, it
>becomes a matter of wringing a few more dollars ($20,000  +/-?)  out of the 
>of the building in order to go ahead with it.
>    Any bargaining chips up your sleeve?
>Jeffrey L. Zucker A.I.A.
>292 Jacob Lane
>Manzanita Village
>Prescott, Arizona 86303
>MWorswick [at] wrote:
>>Sarah and Coho-L
>>There are a lot of specific "commercial construction" issues that you can run
>>into when designing a common house.  Having an experienced cohousing
>>designer, architect, or consultant on board EARLY in the process can save
>>many headaches (The cohousing company, and Kraus Fitch architects are other
>>companies that do this kind of work).
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