Guest rooms? / Common House access?
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I am on the Common House Committee at EcoVillage of Loudoun County in
Virginia.  We expect to be building our Common House within the next year,
and I have been researching the archives of this mailing list and found
them very helpful, especially with regard to the kitchen.  Two questions,
however, I have not seen addressed..  If they have been discussed in
previous years and I have not yet come across them, please accept my

1.  If you have guest rooms in your Common House, how many do you have and 
how often are they actually used, say over a year's time?

2.  How do you handle the availability of the Common House for your
community?  For example, does everyone have a key, or is the Common House
routinely open on certain hours and one person is responsible for
unlocking and locking the doors? 

Thank you for sharing your experience!

Bill Ratliff

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