Re: Common house access
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 23:43:12 -0700 (MST)
>... does everyone have a key, or is the Common House
>routinely open on certain hours and one person is responsible for
>unlocking and locking the doors? 

Ours isn't locked. At one time we had a discussion wherein we grappled 
with the possibility of locking the common house. In a town where many 
people do not lock their houses (or cars or bikes), for some people it is 
a matter of principle not to lock things. But we realized that even one 
incident of vandalism, theft, or the like would be an awful experience 
and decided that since we all shared the CH, it made sense to lock it. 
Had keys made but never worked out a system whereby someone would lock it 
at night and open it in the morning. The postal letter carrier has to be 
able to walk in, too. So the front door has remained unlocked for years. 
There are so many of us around, and so little likelihood of crime, that 
it seems to work fine. We still talk now and then about having some sort 
of keypad. The good ones seem to cost hundreds of dollars, but there are 
locks that have a re-set-able combination keypad. I suppose you change 
the code from time to time? Anyone using such a device? 

Lynn Nadeau, RoseWind Cohousing
Port Townsend Washington (Victorian seaport, music, art, nature) (very active peace movement here- see our 
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