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From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 12:27:20 -0700 (MST)

Tom -- after the initial self-education part for the "peace corp" or interns
what else do you see them doing for your communties?
Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village

On 11/11/03 11:47 AM, "Tom Hammer" <thammer302 [at]> wrote:

> Thank you to all who have so thoughtfully responded to
> this thread.
> I really liked the idea (Fred's?) of a "peace corps"
> for cohousing.  We would seriously consider providing
> room and board for someone (or 2?) who could help the
> 4 forming communities in the DE/PA/NJ area.
> --The volunteers could be "interns", learning the
> cohousing formation process and aiding in implementing
> it.
> --They might  be young people interested in learning
> about cohousing, community organizing,
> developing/building/architecture and looking for a
> year or two off after college or someone looking for a
> new career or needing a change of life, like a
> "sabbatical" from their present life, possibly someone
> who already lives in cohousing, but not necessarily.
> Or they might be interested in developing cohousing as
> a possible career, and they might also want to
> experience a different part of the country in addition
> to learning some/all of the above.
> --A forming community probably has many members with a
> spare bedroom or two.
> The volunteer's first tasks might be self-education in
> the formation of a cohousing community.  They could
> interview pioneers/planners of successful communities
> and develop a network among them as well as cohousing
> development companies.
> Coho US could do initial screening/training of
> candidates and provide some supervision and support.
> However, most beginning coho communities have links to
> local professionals who could be recruited to mentor
> such a person and provide local support.
> Room and board would not be a major expense to a
> forming community.  The interns would probably have to
> provide their own transportation.  I'd suggest a small
> monthly stipend.  That could be a stumbling block ,
> but it's solvable--perhaps a foundation grant could be
> obtained.
> Thoughts or volunteers?
> Tom Hammer
> for Concord Village

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