peak oil preparations?
From: Jennifer Hartley (
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 13:07:48 -0700 (PDT)
I was just wondering what you all may have been doing to prepare for peak oil, 
or rather, life after the oil crash.  I guess I should first ask, do you 
believe this is going to happen?  I have been reading and hearing some 
convincing arguments (such as Richard Heinberg's book "The Party's Over," the 
film "The End of Suburbia," as well as websites such as  If you do believe we are in for rough 
times in the not-so-distant future, how are you as individuals and as 
communities preparing?
I am trying to get over the shock of realizing that life as we know it may be 
drastically changed in a very short span of time.  Have others out there also 
gone through some difficulty in coping with the thought of peak oil, and if so, 
how have you managed this mental and emotional upheaval?
One reassuring thought that I've been clinging to with all my might is the 
knowledge that living in cohousing, or any type of intentional community, would 
be a huge mitigating factor.  My husband and I will be moving into our brand 
new community in September (first move-ins will start next month).
Thanks for any thoughts or feedback you may be able to provide.
Jennifer Hartley
Rocky Hill Cohousing
Northampton, Massachusetts

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