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Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 17:28:53 -0700 (PDT)
What are cohousers doing about tobacco/cigarette smoking on their sites? We 
are thinking about what to do here at Two Acre Wood in Sebastopol.

Thanks for whatever stories or policies you can share with the list.

Casey M.
Two Acre Wood
Sebastopol, California

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> Dear List,
> At Tierra Nueva, central CA coast, we evolved into a holiday
> policy that allows for all expressions, all flavors in the
> holiday traditions.  Much like what Matt describes:
> "everything celebrated rather than nothing celebrated".
> Our first holiday season was in 1998, and concern arose
> around three holidays:  Day of the Dead (Dias de los Muertos)
> and you guessed it, Christmas/Hanukkah.  One or two residents
> complained about each, and we processed it long and deep.  We
> discovered  that the resident who felt uncomfortable around
> the Day of the Dead altar was fine with us setting the altar
> up in a less conspicuous location (on the mezzanine or in the
> meditaiton garden instead of in the dining room.)  Lately
> we've been setting up our altars in our homes and having a
> tour from house to house).
> And we were able to solve the "winter holidays" by allowing
> for both with respectful approaches on the actual dates of
> each that during the Hanukkah dinner, the
> Christmas decorations were toned down or removed.
> We have a confirmed atheist who simply doesn't like any
> holidays and just needed to be acknowledged for it...she
> stands aside, grins and bears it.  As you can see about the
> consensus log date on the policy below, it took us about a
> year to reach agreement.
> I'm for little and large altars everywhere,
> PattyMara, Tierra Nueva
> Here is the policy wording in our Residents Guide:
> Common House Cultural, Spiritual or Ethnic Displays
> The Common house may be used for any physical display of a
> cultural, spiritual or ethnic nature so long as the display
> meets the following criteria:
> 1.  It is designed and placed so that other members also have
> the opportunity to create displays during the same time
> period, should they wish to do so.
> 2.  It does not obstruct Common House functions, such as
> circulation, food service, meetings, etc.
> 3.  It does not create any physical dangers for children or adults.
> 4.  It does not remain beyond a reasonable period of time
> associated with the particular event or holiday.
> 5.  It does not demean any group of people based on religion,
> ethnicity, ethical values, gender, sexual orientation.
> 6.  The person(s) responsible for that display agrees to
> attempt to resolve the issues with the concerned members in
> the community before bringing the matter to a general
> meeting.  (December 16, 1999)
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