Re: Limited Common Elements and HOA Dues
From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 13:24:08 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks, Jessie. In re: the balconies.   Your explanation makes a lot of
sense to me.  Very logical.

Do you happen to know what the logic is on why the entire replacement cost
of on-ground patios are allocated to the homeowner?  In our case, the
"patios" are actually OWNED by the unit owner -- which I don't really
understand because they don't own the backyards (I don't think.)  This seems
entirely illogical to me but there may be a principle involved that I'm not

I've called CAI several times, both national and chapter, but haven't gotten
as much information as you gave me today.  Also I will call Stan Sersen --
he's a regular fount of information!  Thanks!

Anyone else out there w/ any info on this topic of Limited Common Elements
and cost allocation?

Ann Zabaldo
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On 10/14/05 12:55 PM, "Dahako [at]" <Dahako [at]> wrote:

> Hi Ann -
> I think the CAI (condo association) folk had something on this a couple
> years back.  Stan Serson, the guy who was EVC's construction advocate  and a
> big 
> CAI stalwart, might have some ideas.
> My recollection is that the mainstream professional way to handle dues for
> limited common elements (LCEs) such as balconies is to get the company that
> estimates your replacement reserves to break out a separate reserve estimate
> for 
> the balconies, and then allot most of that cost to the owners who have
> access to  the element. The remainder of the cost is covered by the community
> as a 
> whole,  and is used for the portion of the element that structurally links in
> to the  overall building.  For an on-ground patio, I think the entire
> replacement  amount can be allotted to the owners involved.
> For some LCE's, the owner can be held responsible for interior maintenance
> and the condo association for exterior and structural maintenance, akin to the
> responsibilities involved in maintaining the personal living space.
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