Conference Volunteer Opportunities. WE want YOU!
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 18:32:25 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Listserve friends,

If you are still not decided about attending the July Conference, perhaps being given the opportunity to serve in one of the many ways listed below (and get a discount on the registration fees) will help you decide to be there.

Joani Blank
Conference Co-coordinator

(This is a long post. If you'd like to have it sent to you or anyone else as a 3-page Word document attachment to a personal email, just let me know and I'd be happy to forward it in that form).

Volunteers Opportunities---Cohousing Conference
July 21-23   Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Note about volunteer jobs on this list.

If there is an O in front of a volunteer job, this is something that has to be done On-Site during the conference. If there is a P in front of it, it is a job that needs to be done before (Previous To) the conference, in many cases starting immediately. I?ve marked the jobs to be done in North Carolina with an (NC) at the end.

Any volunteer who clocks four hours or more of volunteer work before or during the conference will be refunded $50 of their registration fee after the conference is over. Those taking the (big job) positions in CAPS below will get $100 refunds after the conference. (Those who wish to donate their refund to the Association are welcome to do so).

UNC students do not have to pay registrations feels to attend the conference. They are expected, but not required, to volunteer two to four hours of their time. Non UNC students who paid the Student Registration fee ($175), will receive $35 refunds after the conference if they clock four hours or more of volunteer work


O--Coordinators? assistants (2)
O­Registration packet and other last minute helpers 3 (NC)  Thursday


O--Host presenters onsite.
O­Audio visual Team (2 or 3) ­assure that equipment needed by presenters (overhead projector and several digital projectors are in place and operational for presentations on Friday in Cobb Hall, and the rest of the weekend in the Student Union.

Friday preconference day.

P­Lunch shopper (napkins, utensils paper plates, cups) (NC) (lunch food and drinks will be catered/delivered) O and P­Sat/Sun shopper­Supplies (white board markers, tape, roll of tickets, biscotti for coffee break, etc.)
O­AV helper(s)  see below



O­Exhibits assistants (2) Assist exhibitors finding tables, getting set up, locating stuff that has been sent to the Union ahead of time.

Child Care

O­Coordinator  (filled)
O­Child care Director (paid position­filled)
O­Child care assistant (paid position­filled)
O­Child care helpers (2-6) for 2-3 hour shifts depending on number of children enrolled

Press Relations and Publicity

P­Duplication and distribution of flyer in CH, Raleigh and Durham about 10 to 14 days before the conference in each of these communities. Flyer will promote Friday evening and Saturday morning open-to-the-public events as well as whole conference.

P--Local Publicity (for whole conference and for Friday evening panel and Saturday morning opening session with Ellie Kinnaird, both of which sessions are open to the public.

P­Place listings in both University and Public calendars in Raleigh and Durham as well as Chapel Hill publications. Place announcements on public and community radio calendars

O­On-site hosting of any press people attending conference  (filled)

Friday tours

P­Tour coordinator/logistics  (filled by two NC volunteers)  (NC)
The two coordinators will be inviting participation of two to three community hosts from each community (Solterra, Eno Commons, Arcadia and Pacifica) to guide two tour groups, one in the AM, one in the PM, each for about 35 minutes on Friday, July 21.

O­be a community host (see above) for one or both visits to your community (NC)

Sunday Open Houses

O--The same or different folks will be asked to be available to host Sunday afternoon ?open houses? at each community which will be more informal. Conference formally ends at about 1:00, and we are asking communities to be ?open? from 1:30 to 3:00 or 1:30 to 4:00 if they are willing. (NC)

Saturday at the Union (main venue for conference activities from Friday eve through mid-day on Sunday.)

O­Coffee break go-fer. Coffee, tee, etc. will be supplied by Caribou coffee but mid-day Saturday, someone needs to take containers to the store on Franklin St. to get them refilled and refreshed with hot water. (NC)

P­ and O-- REGISTRAR. (big job) Starting right now, this person will have access to the online registration information and will be responsible for keeping track of online and snail mailed-in registration information, troubleshooting, communicating with registrants to straighten out tangles, etc. O­(could be a different person) This person will supervise a volunteer or two and will work with the Technical Registration Guru who will arrive at the conference with all pre registeration info securely stowed in his ?system.? Will be in charge of welcoming people, confiriming their reg information, offering them name tags and giving out

O­Registration assistants 1 or 2 at all times to staff registration and information desk

O­General hospitality volunteer, Help people find their way around the building or around campus, point out locations for specific events, restrooms, other buildings, etc.

P­VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR. (big job) Keeps track of volunteers, collecting names and contact info as people volunteer from now up until the conference.

O--Assign volunteers as needed and available, Able to set priorities if it seems like too few volunteers are available at any given moment. Keep records as to how many volunteer hours are contributed by each volunteer, and submit to conf coordinators at the end of the weekend, so that refunds can be processed.

P­O--SATURDAY NIGHT EVENT COORDNATOR. (medium big job) Bluegrass band has been engaged, Auction acquisitions are underway, and auctioneers are on board. Catered dinner and wine service have already been contracted for. Someone needed to be overseer of the evening activities. Supervise the following volunteers:

O­seller of drink tickets at the dinner
O­ushers at the door to be sure everyone who attends is registered or has paid for dinner
O­Auction runners (2)
O­Auction money takers (2 or 3)

O­?The Doctor Is In? Planner: Recruit and schedule professionals and seasoned cohousers to ?staff? the Doctor Is In area for 30-40 minute consultation throughout the day on Saturday and on Sunday up until closing session begins. Post Schedule and keep it updated

Please indicate your first and second choice volunteer jobs in an email to conference [at] and include the word VOLUNTEER in the subject line. In addition to your name, please let me know what area of the country you are coming from and include your telephone number(s)

This conference is going to be wonderful; your assistance will assure that, and you will be rewarded with everyone's undying appreciation. Remember, by doing even the smallest task to help out before and at the conference you are personally contributing to the development of cohousing in this country!

Joani Blank
2006 Conference Co-coordinator

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