Re: SPAM filter on Community's EMail Address?
From: Marganne (
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 00:07:50 -0700 (PDT)
At 3:18 PM -0700 6/28/07, Fred H Olson wrote:
BTW the archives of cohousing-L which makes web pages out of posts
"obscure" addresses from the body of messages -- the sender's address
is obscured using an image of an at sign.

** If someone requests assistance with their subscription in a way that
requires me to "validate" my reply to get around their spam control,
I typically take that as indication that they dont want my help very
much and I drop the matter...  Whitelists are very effective and
controlling spam (that is effectively why cohousing-L rarely
distributes SPAM), but they are a hassle for new correspondents.

SPAM programs at the mail server level and your individual computer level are improving all the time.

However, after many years of managing lists and web sites, my preferred way of getting comments is to give out a URL where people can fill out a form. Most fields can be optional, but it lets you find out more about the inquiry if it's filled in and there are no email addresses in the form page for harvesting by Spammers.

As long as there are mailing lists that don't go through a web form such as a forum, unscrupulous people will join a list like this just long enough to collect as many email addresses as they can.

Another suggestion -- use a 'free' email account when subscribing to an email list or registering at a web site you suspect might not honor a privacy policy. Then, if you start getting SPAM from that email address, you know where it originated and can stop it.


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