50+ and Affordable
From: freedomctr (freedomctryahoo.com)
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 12:10:15 -0700 (PDT)
1/2 Million!!!!??  I Would like to spend under $125,000, preferably much under. 
 I can afford more, but why should I?  I live in the Midwest and spend 
$400/month for a very nice 2-BR townhouse.  I would like a larger area for 
gardening since I'm involved in Master Gardeners.  Just got back from Vermont 
and really feel Vermont generates the atmosphere I'd enjoy - not too sure about 
the winters.  Housing seems to be a lot higher in Vermont, tho, and I don't 
know anything at all about availability and quality of health care.  Hopefully, 
I'll always stay healthy, but ya' gotta be realistic.
  I've just started reading this list, and I read everything all at once and 
fast since I have quite a backlog.  Not completely sure who is saying what but 
thanks for the links to affordable housing.  Because of zoning restrictions, 
you would almost have to live out in the boonies to build such a place.  Since 
I'd rather have neighbors to go along with my affordable house, I'm looking for 
a place where smaller homes can co-exist with McMansions or whatever.  I saw 
one design that was really a hoot.  From the outside, it looked like a 
standard, nice, largish house with garage, but the majority of the "house" was 
actually an RV bay.
  Until I started listening to some of the rest of you, I was pretty much 
firming up on the conclusion that my dream isn't possible and that I would have 
to buy a house that is way bigger than I need and, especially, bigger than I 
want to clean.  Your various ideas are energiing.
  Mary in Indiana

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