Re: 50+ and Affordable
From: Stuart Joseph (
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 11:39:48 -0700 (PDT)

freedomctr wrote:
1/2 Million!!!!??  I Would like to spend under $125,000, preferably much under. 
 I can afford more, but why should I?
Good point.
  I live in the Midwest and spend $400/month for a very nice 2-BR townhouse.  I 
would like a larger area for gardening since I'm involved in Master Gardeners.  
Just got back from Vermont and really feel Vermont generates the atmosphere I'd 
enjoy - not too sure about the winters.
Winters are not bad and everyone knows how to plow the roads when it snows. If your house is energy efficient, you can heat it inexpensively. I know someone that heats an Original first Day cottage with a pellet stove and 1/2 bag of pellets per day. Veda and I visited him on a cold winter's day and the house was toasty, even though he had the pellet stove turned down.
  Housing seems to be a lot higher in Vermont, tho, and I don't know anything 
at all about availability and quality of health care.  Hopefully, I'll always 
stay healthy, but ya' gotta be realistic.
The health care is fantastic. We are about an hour south of Dartmouth-Hitchcock medical center, which is top drawer, they have been taking care of my diabetes for years and they are great.

Our regular doctor here in town is an MD and a Holistic Practitioner. He is really superb.

We have a great chiropractor and an alternative health center called Sojourns about 5 min. away (our Dr. also practices there).

We have a good dentist in Brattleboro and the brattleboro hospital is also a good hospital. My wife has an OB-Gyn that practices in brattleboro and here in Bellows Falls.

I would say that health care would not be an issue.
I've just started reading this list, and I read everything all at once and fast since I have quite a backlog. Not completely sure who is saying what but thanks for the links to affordable housing. Because of zoning restrictions, you would almost have to live out in the boonies to build such a place. Since I'd rather have neighbors to go along with my affordable house, I'm looking for a place where smaller homes can co-exist with McMansions or whatever.
Our idea about clustering our houses is so that we would have an old style village and community while preserving the rest of the property. This way we keep the rural atmosphere but still have folks close enough so we don't feel isolated.

We welcome small houses and are limit on square footage is so that we don't end up with McMansions in our project.
Check us out:

Stuart Joseph, 802-463-1954
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Caer Coburn, a traditional village based upon cohousing  and intentional 
communities in
Rockingham, Vermont, USA
Mail to:
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