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From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 16:11:32 -0700 (PDT)
The website - operated by the Fellowship for Intentional Community
(FIC) opened a new Wiki today at:

I recently updated, wiki-fied and uploaded all the content from the NICA
(Northwest Intentional Community Association) Resources section:

As we planned an upcoming upgrade to the NICA website, we decided to move
these resources to a national forum with the broadest possible user-base -
little of its content was specific to Northwest communities. NICA decided
that the new IC Wiki, with the development support available from the FIC
staff and its very large user base was the best place to house this content.
We also loved the idea that it would provide a seed what will, hopefully,
grow into an increasingly valuable resource for intentional communities of
all kinds.

Rob Sandelin, one of the NICA founders, wrote most of the content in NICA
Resources. In fact, the text from a book he distributed in his cohousing
consulting days is now on the IC wiki.

Rob is a long-term member of Sharingwood Cohousing (Raines Cohen and I
actually visited with him there this morning). His writing mostly focused on
Cohousing, although some articles also apply to a broad range of intentional

Here's a direct link to the Cohousing page:

and the Cohousing category:

which lets you see the 25 articles currently posted that have been tagged
with "Cohousing"

Happy Wiki-ing,

Craig Ragland
Member: Songaia Coho, NICA, FIC
Board Member: Coho/US

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