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From: Catya Belfer-Shevett (
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 10:40:35 -0700 (PDT)
Hi everyone,

I wanted to let folks know we just got our prices, and are now able to take applications via our lottery agent, SEB. you are not required to be a MA resident. See or call 617.876.5919 ext 3

    * $136,500 for a 1 bedroom home
    * $149,500 for a 2 bedroom home
    * $170,600 for a 3 bedroom home

See you at the conference!

        - catya

Catya Belfer-Shevett wrote:
Hi everyone,

Over the years I've been on this list, there has been a LOT of talk about affordable cohousing. So, I'm excited to share that there is affordable cohousing in Massachusetts available at Sawyer Hill (, aka Mosaic Commons and Camelot Cohousing.

For people who know Massachusetts law, we're working under chapter 40b. (See

We won't get final pricing for these units from the Department of Housing and Community Development for another month or so, but it looks like we will have:

1 bedroom units at around $135k
2 bedroom units at around $155k
3 bedroom units at around $170k

The affordable units are awarded by lottery to people who qualify. To qualify, you have to make 80% or less of the median income for the area, have $50k or less in assets (there are some exceptions), and you can't have owned a house in the last three years unless you are over 55.

Income limits as of 2007 are:
   * $46,300 for a single person
   * $52,950 for a 2 person household
   * $59,550 for a 3 person household
   * $66,150 for a 4 person household

Preference is given to folks who live in the town we're building in, but otherwise anyone in the country is on equal footing for the lottery - we would LOVE to have more people committed to community join us!

Please feel free to pass this along to people you know who might be interested - it's a rare and exciting opportunity, and we hope folks will jump on it :)

For information about the communities, see our websites:

To apply for the lottery and get more specific information about the affordable component, see or call 617.876.5919 ext 3

    - catya

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