Re: Senior Cohousing versus seniors in Mixed-Age Cohousing
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 05:14:57 -0700 (PDT)
I'm involved in promoting cohousing on the west coast of Florida.  Our group 
started with the intention of developing an elder cohousing community, but we 
soon realized that we were really more interested in an elder rich community 
which would have a commitment to elders but would embrace younger members. We 
defined our commitment to elders as the inclusion of a concierge program which 
would be available to all members, financially supported by all members, but 
which was expected to be primarily used by elders.  We intend to pattern this 
concierge program after the Beacon Hill Project in Boston.  Although that 
program exists to help members living at scattered sites in the community to 
remain independent, it adapts well to the cohousing neighborhood model.     Van 
Deist, Venice, Florida 
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  We are in the early forming stage for a cohousing community (currently
  called the Silver City Eco-Community in Silver City, New Mexico). So far all
  members of our core group are between about 55 and 60, but we have been
  planning a mixed age cohousing community and trying to recruit younger
  people. I recently started reading Senior Cohousing by Chuck Durrett, which
  raised questions about whether we should be forming a senior cohousing

  Personally I'm still in denial about my age, and I can't see why I would
  choose senior cohousing, but maybe I'm missing something. I would like to
  get opinions from younger seniors in cohousing (especially 55 to 60) on why
  you chose senior cohousing or mixed cohousing and whether you think you made
  the right decision. If you are in mixed cohousing, would you consider moving
  to senior cohousing?

  Bruce McKinney 

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