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Hi April,

It was great reading this enthusiastic note.  Did anyone from your community
go to the conference this last weekend in Seattle?  It was a real "shot in
the arm"!  I'm curious - are you done with design and starting construction?
It is hard to tell from you note.  I like to provide a list of NE cohousing
for tour participants and like it to be current.  

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Let's get started!  Become a part of an affordable, sustainable  eco-
village,  just getting off the ground, on 150 acres in beautiful Westerlo,
NY!  Upstate New York has, to a great degree, avoided a lot of the recession
tremors facing much of the country.  And Westerlo is a lovely rural
community within commuting distance to the Capital District region.

We're looking to sell (right now!) seven apartments as units become
available. Phase 2 plans include the addition of two triplex units.  All
units will be able to be energy independent, with the price of all units
including the application of solar and geothermal energy systems.  Ideally,
residents will able to use the ample land for sustainable wood harvest as
well as for organic food production. 

We anticipate the development of a number on-site sustainable businesses, as
well as resident construction of some portions of the Phase 2 triplex units.

Owner financing is available as one of our most important goals is to keep
this community affordable!  Between low initial buy in as well as financing,
we anticipate the average homeowner could be able to pay off their unit
within 10 years, with as little as 20,000 dollars down.

Please contact us for more information,  Jeff Beller at home 518-797-3377 or
cell 845-313-8888  or call broker Robert Crevatas at 518-533-3655 email Jeff
Beller at we2sail [at] email Robert Crevatas at
rcrevatas [at]

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