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Dear Cohousing friend

It's happening!  We have exchanged contracts on the Halton Gorge site (map:,-2.75671&sspn=0.011406,0.038624&ie=UTF8&ll=54.077168,-2.754779&spn=0.011406,0.038624&t=h&z=15&iwloc=A
Please could you forward our news to anyone who might be interested?

It's a beautiful site with a south facing slope to the River Lune (see
photos here <>); a
perfect spot to create our exciting eco cohousing development.  The site is
ideal for accessing the amenities (school, shops, pubs etc) of Halton
Village and is just 3 miles from Lancaster City Centre which can be easily
accessed by a riverside cycle path or bus.


Please come to one of our events to celebrate or to find out more?..

*Sunday 19th July 3pm Family Picnic at the site!*

*Sunday 26th July* 11am Brunch, Whale Tail Cafe<>

If you want to view the site but can?t make the picnic please phone Lucy on
01524 65808.


The project is of course great for families; they can benefit from shared
childcare, lots of car free space for play and lots of playmates!  At the
moment we have 3 young families fully signed up and others are planning to.


We are welcoming new members; we are not sure how long it will take to fill
up now we have a site but places could go very fast.  At present we have 14
households fully signed up of an expected total of around 25 households.

The advantages of joining ASAP are

1. involvement in all of the design process; this includes site and home

2. a reduction (TBC; likely to be 9% for the next 2 weeks, then dropping to
6%) on the price of your home due to the higher burden of risk at this stage

3. less competition for places

4. plot choice (plots are chosen in order of joining)

To join in the full site design process please apply to join by July 26th.
We may be accepting new members during the design process, but they will be
asked to join at an appropriate time and to familiarise themselves with the
site and where we have got to.  If you join as a full member you are of
course asked to sign a pre-sale agreement and to put forward 30% of the unit
price (within 28 days of being accepted).

*More Info?..*

Find more information about the site and the project generally and how to
contact us on our website

Cheers, Kathy
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