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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 06:55:55 -0700 (PDT)
All excellent advice, Diana!

Thank you very much!


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Alex wrote:
> But I'm still unsure of the best way to get the word out.  Pioneer  
> Valley
> Cohousing started with one of the founding member's placing an ad in  
> the
> local papers in 1989.  We'll continue to put up flyers.  Any other  
> ideas?

I agree with Sharon's advice about flyers, flyers, flyers; and for  
sure flyers in Unitarian Churches and food co-ops; inviting feature  
articles in small neighborhood weeklies;  and not wasting money on  
paid ads in newspapers.

I would also suggest flyers in as many places as you can get them on  
the local college campuses where _faculty_ will see them; putting  
notices on Craig's List, Idealist, and if you're on Facebook, with a  
note to all your friends on Facebook, and/or a series of notices  
saying something like: "Looking for like-minded households to join us  
in a four-household 'mini-cohousing' venture" or " . . . for a shared  
group household venture."   And emailing every friend you have all  
over the country and asking them to pass the word on to any people  
they know in the local area who may be seeking a unique shared housing  
opportunity. And . . . letting the people who answer email  
correspondence at Pioneer Valley, Pine Street, Rocky Hill, and  
Pathways Cohousing know what you'll be doing, so they can share your  
project with people who inquire to them but are looking for something  
more affordable than may be available at their places.

Last, but not least, to create a website with photos and more  
information about you and your family and what you'd like to do, so  
that these flyers, feature stories, and email messages have a place to  
send people with more information.

Bon Voyage!
Diana Leafe Christian

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