Help Wanted: News Editor (as a paid, part-time contractor)
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 12:09:40 -0700 (PDT)
I'm forwarding the email I sent out a couple of months ago looking for some
volunteer support. The response was underwhelming and after some other
input, I've decided to make this a paid position.

If this is of interest to you please send me an email describing why you are
the right person for this job. Please provide links to samples of your
online writing.

Thanks, Craig

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 11:25 AM, Craig Ragland <craigragland [at]>wrote:

> Please email me if
> (1) you are attending the upcoming National Cohousing Conference
> (2) would like to talk at the conference about an ongoing role as a new
> volunteer.
> Coho/US has a small staff and a small group of extremely committed
> volunteers. Most of their names should be very familiar, as they post to
> Coho-L regularly. I would like to expand the number of volunteers to grow
> the movement, one activist at a time. In some cases, things done by
> volunteers have been shifted to paid positions, e.g. Neil's job as Tours
> Director  - he volunteered on this with Joani Blank for a few years before
> we hired him.
> There are a variety of potential roles. This page is a laundry list:
> One role that I would like to fill soon is our (extremely part-time) News
> Editor. You may have noticed that I sometimes use the title "Acting Editor"
> in addition to Executive Director. Part of my goal is to gradually shift
> more and more of the work involved in this to a growing number of
> volunteers
> and paid staff.
> The new News Editor role will start on a volunteer basis. Ideally, the
> person who takes it on would be interested in the potential of expanding
> into a small, part-time paid position, but only if we decide to grow your
> responsibilities - and have the funding to support paying for this
> expanding
> role.
> Useful things about you include:
> (1) knowing the most basic HTML tags, (eg. <a href>, <b>, <i>)
> (2) be available to rapidly respond to Google Alerts and other sources of
> news items
> For example, say a Google Alert arrives in your email overnight, you review
> the and then, if appropriate in your editorial judgment, you would post the
> news item quickly - its the first thing I do most days.
> (3) be able and willing to complete a simple form that generates the news
> items which appear on the Home Page, the In-The-News page,
> and
> Cohousing Now!
> This requires that you enter the same basic info you currently see in the
> items I've been entering since February, 2008. The only hard part is
> writing
> the sentence or two about the news item - enough for a reader to determine
> whether they want to click.
> (4) send emails to some of those involved in project's or communities
> mentioned.
> If this is of interest, please send me a private email with a BRIEF note
> and
> we'll arrange a time to meet at the Conference. I'd rather not dialog
> (much)
> about this before the conference as my plate is overly full.
> If you are (still) reading this and thinking something like:
> Hey, I could do that, but am not attending the conference, what about me?
> Well, our current Conference registration count is 257 and it makes my life
> easier to draw from that population first as their actions are
> demonstrating
> their interest and commitment.
> FYI: At the 2006 Conference, I interviewed 6 people and hired three new
> staff (Publisher, Editor, and Database manager). Unfortunately, we will do
> not expect to hire more staff at the 2009 Conference. The association needs
> to wait and see how successful the conference is financially, including the
> donations we receive for the Conference Auction:
> Thanks,
> Craig Ragland
> Executive Director
> Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)
> 425-487-3550
> craig [at]

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