New Cohousing Community in Oaxaca, Mexico
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There are currently more than 1 million Americans living in Mexico,
primarily because of the low cost of living.

Last December, I posted a message announcing my interest in creating a
cohousing community in Oaxaca, Mexico with the following characteristics:

-building cost of about $50.00 per square foot ($50,000 for the average
-sustainable building techniques using indigenous materials
-altitude of 5200 feet
-over 300 sunny days per year - excellent potential for 'sun power'
-adequate wind resources for windpower  (not available at current sites)
-temperate climate (50 to 90 degrees year-round)
-adequate rainfall in well chosen locations
-inexpensive labor -  construction, home maintenance, personal care
-fertile agricultural land
-six hour drive to the beautiful Pacific coast of Oaxaca (will be reduced to
4 hours when major highway is completed in 3 years or less)

-mixed income
-universal design
-energy independent
-extended season agriculture
-guaranteed hands-on personal care services when
-affordable, quality healthcare

I received about 10 inquiries based upon that post and decided to move
forward.  I traveled to Oaxaca at the end of April and searched for
potential sites.  I found two.

I also identified an architect who is the chairman of the school of
architecture at the college in Oaxaca.  He agreed to provide preliminary
sketches and site plans and to work with me to build a 'dream'.

I have also attracted the interest of a collaborating architect in Mexico
City.  She is an expert in universal design and will be lending her talent
to the effort.

Design of the Common House will be done by an American architect who has
extensive experience with cohousing design.

Our target price for a home is approximately $150,000.

While the construction costs of the homes are about $50,000, ancillary costs
for architectural fees, licenses, the common house, water and sewer systems,
photovoltaic systems, etc. added substantially to the cost. The current
projected cost of a home is $150,000.  My time is being contributed without

People who make financial commitments in the next three months will be given
a 10 percent discount compared to people who commit later.

Despite the additional costs, the project remains extremely attractive for
many reasons.

The cost of living is an unbelievable $20 per day and includes the cost of
energy, water, taxes, and food.

Climate - unequaled....   More than 300 sunny days per year.  Daytime
lengths of 12 hours year around.  Average night low temperature of 60
degrees.  Average daytime high temperature of 82 degrees.

Located in a rural area about 15 minute drive from Oaxaca (population

If you'd like to know more, go to the Mexicommunity website at:

Construction is planned for 2011.

We hope there will be a strong demand for the first neighborhood of 30
homes.  If demand is as strong as we hope, we plan to build an additional 7
neighborhoods of 30 homes each over the next ten years at the two sites.

Over the next three months, this project is being announced in Mexico to the
Americans, Canadians and Europeans already living there.  We think that the
demand will be quite strong among these people....but time will tell.

I'd be happy to discuss this project via email, telephone or Skype.  Please
contact me first by email to arrange a telephone or Skype conference.

Contact info:

David N. Hornick, M.D., M.P.H.
Homedical Associates
16 Crimson Oak Court
Schenectady, NY  12309-2234
Mobil: (518) 878-9355 (preferred)
Skype:  davidhor

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