Re: coCamping project ADK A.C.R.E.S. - dreaming of cohousing? Clemons, NY
From: Bob Goodrich (
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 05:03:58 -0700 (PDT)
Raines Cohen & Bob Morrison thank you for your comments. Yes I had looked at
the Pinnacle Project (Lyme, NH) online, and I do believe that my former
campground/manufactured home park property with waterfront would love to
become similar to this project. At this time I do not have the "Gem" to work
with that they have. I have my "Diamond in the Rough" that Mother Nature has
blessed me with in the Southeastern Adirondacks, and much pre-existing
infrastructure wells, power poles, some septic systems(no permit is needed
to perform routine maintenance, such as replace a tank, without working on
leach field), along a town road that cuts through my property.

I am sorry if I appeared to be fractured, but part of that is the fact that
the property may be used for more than just one thing, or project. The other
is my organizational skills(or not) at this stage in life.

I am planning to see if I can get off work for some of the tours coming up
in New England this fall.

I have some existing infrastructure, and ideas. I don't have any plans, per
se, but I was thinking of coming up with some possible ideas a try at least
on scrap paper, so that there is something to think about. I think that some
of the reason I haven't gotten any bites in the past with help on my camp
site project is due to my lack of a "real" plan. But I am very open to
suggestions, guidance, offers of assistance?

So as not to reply to the questions in CAPS, I tried to use [  ] around my

Raines Cohen asked "Let's see if I've got the essence of it: [I answered
between the brackets]
* on an existing 197-acre site you own (and an adjacent parcel across the
tracks?) [Yes an additional small waterfront multi-unit residential of about
400x50 ft is on the Southern Lake Champlain with the boat launch.]
* building a campground/retreat [bringing back to life property with about
35 former Trailer/camp sites, that has house & garage buildings each with
space for an efficiency apartment or ? both areas used as efficiency & camp
store in the past]
* with a mix of affordable (outside subsidized) and market-rate housing
[this was more of a hope due to seeing in other cohousing projects online]
* incorporating senior cohousing/aging-in-place/universal design [no matter
where building wisely to be prepared for our changing needs is just plain
wise in my mind]
* lot-model development of tiny homes [my little attempt to raise some
funds, while offering people that wish to locate, or build their own "tiny
house retreat" in the woods, with garden overlooking Southern Lake
Champlain, or a stream]
* "retrofit" cohousing of existing structures [I was wondering if this fell
into a "retrofit" due to having existing layout of 35 Manufactured home
sites, in various levels of overdue routine maintenance, or upgrades, along
7/10th mile town road that cuts through southern end of property. I know not
exactly good layout to keeping vehicles outside... but other pedestrian
paths would help]
* in a resort-destination seasonal location [yes about 30 miles, or about 45
minutes from famous Lake George resort area, only about 6.5 miles from
Huletts Landing on the northeast end of Lake George. That is why I say I'm
on the "Quiet side of Lake George" on Southern Lake Champlain.]
* with profit-sharing and time-sharing [I am thinking profit sharing to some
extent for those that either loan me funds for repairs/upgrades, or those
that assist me in moving forward, a family could help me evaluate a couple
of sites, or a section, and adopt a site, and not only get their money back,
but a portion of the future income from the site, or section that is now
available to rent]
* refundable (but not on-demand) investments [Yes, for prospective members
of camping or fishing club that is also helping investigate cohousing
possibilities on the property. I have been offering this has a member-run
camping and fishing club to cover taxes, insurance, and other related
expenses, while I cover the mortgage! Similar to allowing the club to
rent/manage part of the property for a low rate that covers
taxes/insurance/etc. Then I learned about cohousing, and I would love to
apply that concept to this campground project, while looking at preserving
much of the property, but doing some responsible development. During the
winter I had a builder talk about a joint venture to build/sell about 10
eco-friendly homes in the woods, then the economy tanked, and I like the
cohousing model much better than 10 more hidden anti-social more buildings
in the woods.]
* an eventually-established finance committee democratizing the process
[sooner rather than later would be great, once current year emergency
expenses are taken care of. I desire to be part of the membership, but I
look forward to getting off the pedestal. Due to the size of the property
there may be multiple projects, rugged farming, remote retreats, or ?? on
other parts of the property. But as long as the taxes are covered and we, my
future group, are improving our quality of life, as a camping, recreation
destination, retreat to discuss cohousing & agri-tourism, farming & camping,
maybe with some co-horsing, or co-cowing going on... then I'm willing to
listen to ideas, and most likely move forward.  But the whole I'll help you
if you give me a piece of land... or do you want to sell... options haven't
appealed to me. I plan on spending many years enjoying the property with
others with similar interests, whether it be for vacations, or year round
housing, is yet to be determined.]
* potential "seasteading" floating-community options. [Not quite,
seasteading as I know it is off shore in the ocean. But I can easily see 4-8
floating park model campers on the waterfront, with water/elec hook-ups from
my boat launch or shore, septic pump outs, or composting toilets?] 

This feedback is great, and has my mind just racing, but I still feed a bit
fractured. But my chin is up, and I will keep on learning. I just got my
first cohousing book in the mail yesterday.

Offline I can be reached at 802-479-3441(please leave a VM with number) or
PO Box 790, Stowe, VT 05672-0790.

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