Re: Calendar Software
From: Rodney Elin (
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 20:53:29 -0700 (PDT)
On Wed   6 Jul 11 6 Jul 11 6:5933, Caity McCardell wrote:
The Communications Team at Tierra Nueva Cohousing is working on adding
a calendar to help us with event signup, meals, room reservations,
etc., but we just haven't found one that fits most of our needs.

This is what we're looking for:

- email event alerts
- multiple logins (everyone gets their own login)
- Anyone (with an account) should be able to add an event.
- People should be able only to edit their own events unless they are
an admin-level user.
- Multiple calendars (or one calendar with different types of events,
or tags, or something... anything that lets us use different colors).
- Resource (a room or a projector, for example) allocation.
- Ideally integrates into either Wordpress or Drupal.

Anyone using a calendar system that accommodates any of the above?

At Eastern Village in Maryland, I am one of a group of people who maintain several calendars and they are all kept using Google calendars. After some issues with Yahoo calendaring last fall, I inquired and learned that Google calendar is a product that Google intends to keep free and available indefinitely. Google calendar has all the features you say you are looking for. All you need is a google login or gmail account for each user and you can assign whatever level of privs you want to anyone on an individual basis. Google recently upgraded their calendar system to allow tagging any event with any color. There is a(traditional) resource reservation calendar, (rooms or space reserved) a calendar to keep track of reservations for our several guest rooms, and a calendar that keeps a waiting list for any resource that is in high demand (in this case, guest rooms.) I also maintain a calendar of birthdays anniversaries and other celebrations


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