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Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 08:56:22 -0700 (PDT)
If one is an idealist, there is a tendency to feel that the glass is half
empty.  You obviously count your blessings and realize that the glass is
really half full.  

Norm Gauss
Oak Creek Commons
Paso Robles, CA  where the max temperature these days is in the 90's, min.
humidity is about 15%, perpetually sunny skies, afternoon sea breezes, and a
swimming pool and spa to satisfy our water cravings.

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Don't know why, but whenever I read an coho-L email which catches my
attention - as this one did - I find myself looking to see which community
(or at least which state) the writer lives in.  Regretfully Gerald didn't
share this with us.

Michael Barrett  -  at Shadowlake Village, Blacksburg, VA - where the
temperature is 81°, the humidity is delightfully low here at 2,200 feet in
the Appalachian foothills and this year the July 4th celebrations included
an egg and spoon race, three legged race (and other fun) as well as the
"traditional" decorated bicycle parade.

We also have 3 homes for sale - see our website at

On 7/6/2011 2:01 PM, Gerald Manata wrote:
>       I have enjoyed reading these discussions about what people think
cohousing is or isn't, or what it should be doing or shouldn't. I would like
to join in with a different angle about my visions.I have been looking for
feedback on this for a while.
>       From my expereince, it seems to me that cohousing in America is a
draw for educated, white (our complex is all white), middle class liberals.
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