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Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 21:53:25 -0700 (PDT)
Here is another take on smart meters:

Dick Kohlhaas
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> OK, "What are Smart Meters?" has been answered by now, and thanks for the
> excellent "Dark Side of Smart Meters" video, Gary.
>  I'll send it out to my
> neighbors. It explains the health risks (within a 90 ft. range, walls are no
> obstacles), why the meters will run/radiate continuously, and the privacy
> concerns.
> Smart meters are being rolled out without public consultation in California,
> Maine, Ontario, and imminently in BC. Resistance is building (search "smart
> meters" + "Santa Cruz" or Oakland) and some jurisdictions have declared a
> moratorium on installations until evidence of safety is produced. One
> consultant said a smart meter is like bolting a giant cell phone to the side
> of your house, and of course, the World Health Organization recently
> classified cell phones as "possibly carcinogenic".
> On the health front: apparently, 3% - 5% of people are already diagnosed as
> electrosensitive (heart palpitations, headaches, foggy brains, nausea) when
> in the vicinity of wireless, and it's estimated that 35% of the population
> is adversely affected by wireless radiation without knowing the cause of
> their deteriorating health. Many parents in Ontario and BC are demanding
> that wi-fi be removed from schools and some are pulling their kids out
> because of their symptoms. We've got 25 kids in our community and all  90 of
> us live under one roof with numerous wi-fi routers. It's a sensitive topic
> here.
> Here are some more links:
> Interview with Cindy Sage, a founder of the BioInitiative Working Group, the
> first project of scientists from all over the world who investigated
> electromagnetic radiation effects on cell biology and DNA. <
> Californians raise awareness:
> Canadian resources:
>  <>
>  <>
> Thanks for engaging in this conversation with me.
> :-)  Valerie
> www.windsong,bc,ca
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