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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 07:49:03 -0700 (PDT)
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>Can you please remind me about how they can do it?


All the answers you need are right down in that link on the bottom of
every Cohousing-L message:

> Cohousing-L mailing list -- Unsubscribe, archives and other info at:

There you will find instructions on subscribing, reading archives, and
much more.

Don't forget to connect your new SF members to the regional Cohousing
California efforts through the East Bay Cohousing MeetUp. Sign up for
free at and get notified of area openings,
events, and opportunities, with discounts for supporting members like
yourself. With our upcoming facilitation training workshop with Laird
Schaub and the Art of Community conference in September and Diana
Leafe Christian doing an EcoVillage/cohousing creation workshop, a
membership can pay for itself in no time, for anyone at all serious
about getting into community. When you factor in the included
Cohousing Coaching and cohousing book, it's a no-brainer.

We're planning a report-back from the national conference and our
travels since then (I just got home Saturday!) promoting sustainable
community with and learning from:

* Coworkers in Philadelphia (a coworking space is creating a cohousing
neighborhood with permanent affordability)
* community funding innovators in Virginia (figuring out ways to get
beyond the dysfunctional banks)
* Unitarians in North Carolina (at the UU General Assembly in
Charlotte and in community near Durham)
* Community founders in Eastern Tennessee (who just got donated a
144-acre property with a former military institute campus built on 50
acres of it)
* Future cohousers in Nashville (with an exciting plan combining land
preservation with community development)
* EcoVillagers in St. Louis (who just got back a building that had
been foreclosed on for pennies on the dollar)
* Quakers and meditators in Iowa (at the Friends General Conference
and Maharishi University of Management)
* Prospective cohousers looking at an enormous organic dairy site in
the North Bay (I facilitated their first meeting Sunday)

 along with innovations in aging-in-community with permanently
affordable housing going on right here in our backyard.

Oh yeah, we're hosting a Transition Town conference call with Rob
Hopkins and Richard Heinberg Monday morning. and Chuck will be in town
next Thursday with the new Creating Cohousing book. And we're just
booking Albert Bates from The Farm community in Tennessee for a
Labor-Day-Weekend series of appearances around the Bay, including at
the green fair in Marin, where we're planning a booth. And a visit to
an "Instant Cohousing" move-in ready live-work loft community in West
Oakland by BART (7 minutes to downtown SF!), an Aging-in-Community
fair, a workday at a new permanently-affordable North Oakland
community that's just doubled in size, and much more.

This is an exciting time to be building community -- there's so many
opportunities and fresh energy and demand and a realization that what
we're doing has real value, however you choose to measure it.

The national conference will be out here in a year. Will you be ready
to take full advantage of all the opportunities it will bring? Join us
on the journey.

Raines Cohen, community organizer and Cohousing Coach
at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing

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