Re: Smart Meters in community
From: Valerie McIntyre (
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 13:36:36 -0700 (PDT)
To Hans Ehrbar, re: your July 8 & 11 comments:

Re: *"Many electric utilities resist the introduction of the smart grid,...
Smart meters are being enthusiastically promoted by governments and industry
as a "green initiative". Projected profits are huge despite health & safety
issues. See:  <>

Re:* "your sensibilities () are out of proportion. We are in a battle." *
Yes, we're in a battle between profits and health. Current resistance to
smart meters comes from evidence of significant health risks associated with
wireless technologies. (see Dr. George Carlo's research + links in past

Re:  *"One of (our enemies') tactics is to beat us with our own weapons."*
Yes, and (with a nod to those who took the ZPG tangent), what about a
macabre public health experiment of subjecting us to "weapons" we've
embraced: the electromagnetic fields of cell towers, cell phones/PDAs,
cordless phones, wireless routers, airport  scanners, microwaves, smart
meters, smart appliances and more?

Re:* "Let's not be confused by this."*  Should we exchange a fossil-fueled
world for a radiated one? Is this progress? Let's not be confused: Smart
Grid profits flow into the same pockets as Big Oil profits.

Big Oil *permits *wind and solar projects as a non-threatening
pressure-release valve for environmentalists. Technologies that truly
threaten Big Oil do not even get discussed, let alone funded. Patents for
clean, safe, cheap energy technologies are extorted from their inventors and
deep-sixed or used by the military. (see:

Let's figure out what we really want and demand it!

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