Enterprize mgmt [was: Questions about ... Farm Mgmt.
From: Fred H Olson (fholsoncohousing.org)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 08:05:54 -0700 (PDT)
On 27 Mar 2014, Mary Vallier-Kaplan wrote about
about Questions about CoHousing Farm Ownership/Management.
That was before the flurry of messages on
FHA Petition /  Reverse Mortgages and it got no responses.

But maybe the question was so specific that few had any comments.
How about broadening the question to the ownership and management
of any collectively owned comparable resource beyond the usual
cohousing facilities shared and used by all?

Of course other non cohousing intentional communites might be more
likely to have relevant experience / models.  They are not well
represented here. How could they be asked?

See original message below.


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> Here at Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm our farm is located on its own
> (legally declared) condominium unit. This land (also known as Limited
> Common Area) is still owned by the original developers (resident founding
> family); they are investigating how to transfer the control to the
> neighborhood or to some other legal structure. Currently the farmer, who
> lives here renting a subsidized unit, has a Land Use Agreement (like a
> lease) with the neighborhood and the land owner. The farmer runs a private
> CSA of which almost all neighbors are a participants but also others in the
> greater community. Our "Farm Team" oversees these agreements (there is also
> a chicken club that uses space, a horse owner that pastures horses and has
> a barn and a non-resident that pastures beef cattle) on behalf of the
> cohousing neighborhood.  The cohousing community also underwrites and
> manages the infrastructure for the Farm through our dues (equipment,
> buildings, soil improvements).
> It would be great if you could share your perspective on the questions
> below.   We'll share ours with you too if you are so interested!   If it is
> easier for you to connect directly either by phone or email, please let us
> know.  Maybe this dialogue will evolve into a cohousing farm affinity group!
> Thank you for your help.  I know answering such questions takes time and we
> appreciate it.
> Mary Vallier-Kaplan
> Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm
> Peterborough NH
> What are your particulars of farm control?
> If you have a farm at your community or know of others, we would like to
> know how it relates to the community in terms of legal structure.
> Who owns the land? (for instance LLC, nonprofit, individual etc)
> Who farms the land?
> Does a portion of your annual cohousing budget support the farm (how much)?
> Who oversees the users of the farm?
> Do the users/farmers live in your cohousing community?
> Does the cohousing community generate any income or other benefit (i.e.,
> produce) from the farmland?
> Has the structure evolved through time or are you headed in a different
> direction with the farm?
> Any other comments?

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