Re: CoHo Condo Fees
From: Katie Henry (
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 20:38:37 -0700 (PDT)
(Oops, I hit send a little too soon.)

I wonder how early a reserve study could be conducted. In the real (non-coho) 
world, reserve studies take place after the building is mostly completed and 
occupied and a board has been chosen. I think it would be useful to break it 
into two phases. Do the first part at, say, 75% complete, which would cover the 
major structural/mechanical/electrical/plumbing elements, then do the rest 
after move-in when all the furnishings and finishes are in place. This would 
give the future residents better numbers for budgeting sooner in the process. 
This probably doesn't make sense in the real world, since the developer and 
construction company aren't going to want some outside guy sniffing around the 
project pointing out defects. But in coho, you could do it by hiring a 
construction advocate to monitor construction and also do the reserve study, 
which is what we did, but just start the reserve study sooner.

Katie Henry

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>Sharon said:
>The first study should be done before you move in and a reserve account set up 
>as part of the project costs. 

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