Innovative Models for Independent, Assisted and Full Care Homes
From: ML Burke (
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43:09 -0700 (PDT)
Check out "Hogeway Dementia Village" on You Tube.  It is a new compassionate
way of caring for people requiring 24 hr care who have dementia - which
slowly attacks the brain while the body might be just fine.  It's a 4-acre
alternate reality that keeps them safe and quite happy, so they don't
require drugs to calm them.  This model could also work for other frail
residents requiring full care.


Another idea for affordable independent, supportive or assisted living is to
use a student housing model such as "Tietgen" in Denmark.  It is a tall
building full of pods each containing 4- 6 private rooms with bathrooms
surrounding a kitchen/living/dining room.  Folks could live here
independently sharing cooking, etc., or have a caregiver or nurse who looks
after that pod.  A large atrium and landscaped greenspace provide additional
areas for socializing.  Or you could mix it up with regular apartments a
couple of floors of collective pods.  I'm just sayin'  maybe we can get more
creative with our cohousing models.   ML Burke


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