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Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 05:13:11 -0700 (PDT)
Check out Jubilee Cohousing Community in Floyd, VA.  We hope to break
ground in the early spring of 2016.  Our housing and site are designed for
not only "accessibility" but also "visitability"... We are still seeking

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> Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions on this topic.
> I think aging in place needs to be considered during the planning
> stages of a community in order to work, especially for the site
> planning and building design.  I recently visited a well established
> and beautiful co-housing community that I immediately knew wouldn’t
> work.  (I should mention that my 90 year old mother is wheelchair
> bound and I was hoping to find someplace where she could end her days
> with family instead of in an assisted living or nursing home.) The
> community I visited is attractively placed on a hill with paths and
> stairs.  Residence entrances were narrow and the common house had a
> lovely upstairs space but no elevator.  As seems to be the norm with
> choosing communities I’ve looked into, little thought had been
> giving to accessibility. And again, all of us become less abled as we
> age.
> At this community, I met a few long term residents who were in their
> 70’s or early 80’s who were moving away from this community
> because they knew that soon it would become problematic and they felt
> bad that they couldn’t fulfill their community responsibilities
> which become more arduous for the elderly.
> best,
> -jean-
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