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Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2016 03:57:51 -0700 (PDT)
Jonathan Kallay <yoni [at]> wrote:

>I thought this was worth posting not so much for what it says but rather for
>what it doesn't.
>The headline states that the trailer park is a "rich, intimate community"
>but there's not a word about that in the body-it's all about moving costs
>and rent.
>It seems quite likely to me that the trailer park is this country's most
>ubiquitous form of supportive (not to mention affordable) residential
>community. When they get replaced with conventional housing that's a step
>backwards from what cohousing proponents are trying to achieve.

Some trailer parks do have a sense of community. Not cohousing but
still. Their closure for redevelopment is not uncommon.  Here in
Minnesota there has been some organizing to prevent such closures.

One closure is being challenged currently here in the courts:

>The case began in June [2016], when the Lowry Grove mobile home park
>was sold to a developer, which has plans to shutter the park and
>redevelop the land. State law offers residents the opportunity to
>prevent such a closure by buying the park themselves to keep it open.
>In the suit, Lowry Grove homeowners argue that their right to buy
>their park had been denied.

More information about this case:


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