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"Eris Weaver" <eris [at]> wrote:

> Juliette, what do you mean by the "M" word?!?

Dear Eris,

Thanks for your question. Apologies, I am new to posting here and did
not include the context. I said the "M word" in my paragraph quoted
below  responding to Katie Henry's use of the word "minorities", a
term that usually makes my skin crawl a bit. If you would like to a
read a bit more on my preferred term "people of color", here are a
couple of links.

Katie's quote:
"Based on my experience managing outreach for a forming community in the DC
area, I've come to the conclusion that cohousers may want diversity, but
"minorities" (for lack of a better umbrella term) don't necessarily want
more community. For starters, they're more likely to either stay close to
home and family or bring family with them if they move. Either way, they'll
also be deeply involved in cultural and/or religious organizations."

My response:
"Ditto to what Crystal and Carol said, and thank you, ladies, for
saying it. I am another person of color and a lesbian  (please note:
many despise the "M word") on this list. Others, I appreciate you are
trying to learn, so I encourage you to pipe down and take note to what
they are saying. You are being offered precious and practical feedback
on how to build a healthier and more just community. "

I hope that helps.


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