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Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2016 09:44:30 -0700 (PDT)
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> You can't expect someone to live with disruptive noise (below), but you can't 
> expect people to be silent and motionless in their own homes (above) either.  
> We've had a few senior households complain bitterly about awful children 
> above them when it would have been more appropriate to complain about the 
> building design and to cost-check remediation/renovation solutions.

We have also had problems side to side. One person likes to grind coffee in her 
bedroom in the morning. Her neighbors put in a soundproofing wall with the 
agreement that she would put in more on her side if it was still a problem. I 
would have done it the other way but it was a good solution.

My upstairs neighbor asked if there was anything he did that bothered me. I 
said, Well the closet door is right above my head when I’m sleeping. When it 
slides open at 5:00 am it often wakes me up, but there is nothing you can do 
about that. He said, Yes there is. I can just leave it open. It was a wonderful 
and simple solution.

One person put in cork floors which helped a lot. One reason to stack two-floor 
units is that if the living areas are on the first floors of both units, the 
bedrooms are sandwiched in between. If both households sleep on the same 
schedule they are normally buffered by one floor. Many condos have a rule that 
80% of the floor surfaces have to be carpeted. No one checks on the 80% unless 
there are noise complaints.

A discussion of these issues as a group might produce many helpful solutions. 
Many people are totally unaware that their noise is bothering others and is 
avoidable. I won’t go into the story about the guy who was running laps in his 
living room at midnight. 

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