Re: hoa dues based on per capita basis? square footage?
From: Jim Snyder-Grant (
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 07:39:24 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Alan:

New View (Acton, MA), decided 20 years ago that we wanted to take into
account in our dues formula (and our beneficial interest formula)  that
some houses tend to hold more people than others, and some expenses are
most directly related to how many people there are. So, we used 'livable
square footage'  as a proxy for headcount, figuring that over time the
houses with more livable square footage would have more people. This part
accounts for about 25% of our formula. We used per-house for about 50%. In
our condo docs, the individual ownership is studs-in, so the condo is
responsible for exterior walls & roofs, so the remaining 25% or so is in
proportion to what we called "exterior maintainable area", which ended up
being something like the surface area of an imaginary rectangular solid
surrounding the exposed part of each house.

It's worked fine, although to change it requires the sign-off of all the
mortgage holders, which we tried once & failed to do- we wanted to change
the percentages to account for some folks that had added some additional
'livable square footage', and to correct a math error or two. The amounts
were small ,so we let it go after failing to hear from all the banks,  and
having some banks require large fees for 'reviewng the documents'

I don't read the coho-l very regularly, so if anyone has follow up
questions it's best to write or call me directly.

Jim Snyder-Grant
18 Half Moon Hill
Acton MA 01720
508 572-2985

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> Cohousers - I’m wondering if other communities assess households based on
> a per capita basis, square footage basis, a combination?
> Thanks,
> Alan O
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