Re: Single developer-cohousing model
From: Allison Tom (
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 10:33:43 -0700 (PDT)
There is a group in Vancouver, BC, called "Our Urban Village" that is working with a developer called "Take Root," building on a cohousing-like model "TOMO," (together more) that they also refer to as "cohousing lite."  I'm not attracted to this model personally and have some reservations, but this is something you might want to learn about/from.  (They are not in construction yet.)

On 2018-09-18 10:26 AM, Kathryn McCamant wrote:
Betty asked about: " understand the single developer-cohousing model, where a
     developer buys the land with the intent of developing a cohousing
     neighborhood,  then reaches out to find interested folks to make it 

This was a model that I (CoHousing Partners), Jim Leach (Wonderland Hill Dev 
Co), and Don Tucker with Ann Zabaldo (Washington DC) did in the past. From time 
to time someone still tries this, but it is very rare. Jim, Don and I have 
either been burned by cohousing buyers or are ready to retire.  I know of no 
developer that will partner with cohousing buyers without being convinced that 
there is a group that can get the project sold out, and that buyer's group is 
ready to put in all or at least most of the equity required to get the project 
to get to the start of construction.  Developers will partner with cohousing 
groups, but they tend to be looking for partners sharing the risks rather than 
buyers taking little risks until the end of the project.

I'd love to hear if anyone knows of any one seeing something else.


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