Re: Single developer-cohousing model
From: Dick Margulis (
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 12:31:35 -0700 (PDT)
On 9/18/2018 1:26 PM, Kathryn McCamant wrote:
I know of no developer that will partner with cohousing buyers without being 
convinced that there is a group that can get the project sold out, and that 
buyer's group is ready to put in all or at least most of the equity required to 
get the project to get to the start of construction.  Developers will partner 
with cohousing groups, but they tend to be looking for partners sharing the 
risks rather than buyers taking little risks until the end of the project.

I'd love to hear if anyone knows of any one seeing something else.

Here's the model we're using:

We began as a grass roots group and continue to be one. By that I mean this group came into being as strangers who had heard of cohousing and were attracted to the idea. One person put a notice in the paper announcing a living room meeting, and other people showed up. The group has continued to grow on that basis, not by some core clique of friends instigating the plan and recruiting strangers to join their enterprise.

We hired a housing consultant (not a cohousing consultant), who is experienced in developing affordable multifamily housing sponsored by nonprofits. He has the development expertise, but our group formed a nonstock corporation to be the developer of record, so we could sign contracts, etc. Dave Berto, who will be speaking at the Northeast conference next weekend, continues to be our consultant and to guide us along the tortuous path toward completion.

Dick Margulis
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