To HIre or Not to Hire a Cohousing Consultant?
From: frances woolison (
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2019 12:02:16 -0700 (PDT)

To hire or not to hire a cohousing consultant?

 We are a small forming cohousing group in a part of Canada where cohousing is 
as yet unknown.  A few years ago, one of our members was in a forming cohousing 
group in another province.  That group had a very negative experience after 
hiring an American cohousing consultant. The project fell apart and the group 

  Our group has been busy, mostly working on marketing and recruiting new 
members.  After a year of limited success, we feel like we’re going in circles. 
How do we know what this project will cost? When should we incorporate? How do 
we keep the interest of individuals who come to our information sessions, and 
those who become associates?  How and when do we set up equity memberships?  
And the big question, should we hire a cohousing consultant?  Knowing from the 
experience of other groups, that hiring a consultant doesn't guarantee success, 
our membership is divided on this issue. The alternative of simply hiring a 
local project manager has been presented, partly because there are no local 
cohousing consultants. Some of the group insist that “Cohousing isn’t rocket 
science.“  Other members are leery about working with someone who is unfamiliar 
with cohousing.

Having explained our situation, I’d like to ask the following questions:

- Which communities have succeeded without hiring a cohousing consultant?  Has 
anyone tried?  How many have failed?
- Is it a problem if a cohousing consultant is not local and therefore 
unfamiliar with local laws?
- Is it necessary to hire a cohousing consultant?  What specific issues are 
unique to cohousing and therefore unfamiliar to project managers?
Our group has reached a stalemate and would appreciate answers which might help 
us move forward.  Thanks.

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