free download of digital supplement with cohousing article, plus Communities theme announcement
From: Chris Roth - Communities Editor (
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2021 07:32:07 -0800 (PST)
Hi all,

Two items:

A special digital supplement to the Spring 2021 issue of Communities magazine, including "College-Based Senior Cohousing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come" by Charles Durrett and Bernice Gonzalez, is available for free download here:

We've also announced our Fall 2021 magazine theme, "Consent," and would welcome submissions from cohousers. Full submission details are here:

And here's an abbreviated version:

Communities magazine is now seeking articles for issue #192, "Consent." The issue will be out in September 2021.

Please send your article ideas to editor [at] by March 29, 2021, or whenever you can.

We ask that your final article reach us by Friday, May 28, 2021.

1. Theme articles: Consent

Please share your experiences, stories, and perspectives in response to any (or any combination) of the following questions:     • How do you and/or your group think of "consent"? What does this term mean to you?     • What guidelines and practices does your community have in place related to consent?     • Have you experienced or witnessed violations of consent in community? Have these been minor, serious, or both? How were/are these handled in your group?     • Have you used restorative/transformative justice processes to navigate consent violations?     • How does your group deal with trauma that may result from past or new consent violations? What are your understandings around it?     • How does consent play a role in your decision-making processes? Is it a word you use in that context?     • If you've dealt with consent violations, has the word "consent" itself become triggering?
    • How does consent work in your personal/romantic relationships?
    • Do you have a process of educating yourselves, one another, and new members about consent? If so, what is that process and how has it evolved?     • How have boundary violations affected your community when preserving relationships (even after a violation) is a key part of your culture?     • What other issues are associated with "consent" issues in your group? How does your group relate to power, boundaries, sovereignty, self-expression, sexuality, decision-making, generational, cultural, racial, and other differences?     • Do you believe your experiences with consent have wider cultural implications?

Thanks--hope to hear from some of you!

Chris Roth
Editor, Communities

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