offensive words in the cohousing game
From: CJ Q (
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2021 04:26:48 -0800 (PST)
Hi all!
Thanks for everyone who ordered the What Would You Do Cohousing Edition
(free).  I hope you got your copy.

I want to apologize if any wording had offense. It was pointed out that the
phrase "personality disorder" is offensive.I am going to leave it in there
because it was a direct quote from the archives. All of the answers to any
answer slide are also direct quotes so when it says "I" it never means me
in the answer slides. I don't give answers - just give the scenarios. I
think I did use I once - like in the very last slide but that was it and it
was something minor.

So I have two questions. One is what is another way to discuss troubling
behaviors?  Cooperative people is what you expect in cohousing but not
everyone is that way. I am not advocating not to have empathy, but how can
you steer your community so empathy is the go to and not be swayed by
personalities that can take up a lot of energy and cause heartache?

Here is an interesting article and it uses way offensive language in my
opinion (Idiots is one of those words they use). I"m not deflecting - just
I don't want to not help communities with these real issues.

The second question is for the listserv - when everyone wrote these
scenarios and solutions it was here - to the listserv.  Is my game
anonymous enough that everyone would feel okay with sharing it on a
cohousing national  website? It'll still be free but I don't want anyone to
feel like their community's "dirty laundry" is now out there for the world
to see. The listserv is available to everyone (right?) and is a safe space
so I don't want anyone to feel exploited.

Thanks in advance,
homeschoolvideo [at]

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